CRESDA Membership

Where Strength in Numbers Takes You Further

CRESDA members compete for and win substantial assignments in their home markets as the exclusive member for their geographic region. CRESDA is the premier alliance for minority, women and veteran-owned commercial real estate service providers that together compete for national business directly from Fortune 500 companies and as second tier suppliers in partnership with global commercial real estate firms.

CRESDA was established to advance diversity in the commercial real estate industry and together break boundaries. At CRESDA, we believe in the power of diverse perspectives and the strength of a community with a shared aim.

Compete Nationally, Remain Independent, Increase Your Bottom Line

  • Participate in multi-market business opportunities initiated through CRESDA’s national marketing efforts
  • Obtain exclusive territorial rights as the CRESDA Partner for your designated geographic market
  • Increase visibility with global companies and commercial real estate providers in partnership with CRESDA 
  • Join a national brand platform
  • Access other CRESDA Partners with whom to network, partner and share best practices 
  • Gain the ability to utilize CRESDA’s logo on your website and in marketing campaigns 
  • Have the option to link to CRESDA’s website to boost site SEO

All members are highly vetted and certified diverse with CRESDA CEO, Nancy Glick, and President, Susanne Newmark, providing oversight and advisory on all dealings to ensure seamless multi-market partnership. Referral structures are flexible and agreed on a deal-by-deal basis.

Applicants must be certified as minority, veteran, LGBTQ+ or women-owned by a nationally recognized organization, hold all required state licenses to conduct real estate brokerage activities, and maintain adequate insurance policies.